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Specifications of Rheonome “Miomodel-10”


The device is made in a plastic case and contains the following parts:


- control unit;

- connecting cables;

- patient cables with electrode contacts;

- electrodes;

- Clips of electrodes.

Inside the case of the device there is a power supply unit and microprocessor control providing generation of bipolar current pulses.


1. The number of output channels (galvanically isolated) 10
2. The number of electrodes 20
3. Amplitude of the current of the output signal on all channels, mA 0-100
4. Amplitude of the current on Channels 2,4,6,8,10 — for work in the neck and face zones, mA 0-20
5. The pulse repetition rate on the channels in the  “Constant” mode for anesthetization, Hz 1-150
6. The duration of the pulse generation, sec 1,3,6
7. Device power supply from the ac mains, V 220
8. Power consumption, W 15
9. Electrical safety according to State Standard Specification Р50267.0-92 (doesn't require grounding and has a high degree of protection)

class 2

tipe ВР

10. Dimensions, mm 280х200 х60
11. Weight of the device, kg 1,2


Materials used are non-toxic and resistant to environmental influences.

The device is stored and transported in a standard package.