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Automated Diagnostic System APK “AMSAT-COVERT”


APK «Amsat-Kovert» is a hard- and -software complex of graphic prenosological topical express-estimations of the functional state of man.


Just think, what doctor will refuse a simple and at a reasonable price diagnostics, if it enables him to objectify and optimize any type of therapy, as well as carry out treatment of patients truly with the «opened eyes»?

For practical wide-use a diagnostic method should possess the set of the followings qualities: simplicity of carrying out the measurement, minimization of the examination time, reliability of the obtained information, objectivity – independence of the measurement results from an operator, reproducibility of the results of diagnostics, visual presentation of the information, and finally, handling the terminology clear to the modern doctor.

In this connection as early as 1985, in decision of policy-making authorities of the USSR, more than 15 Research institutes started the research work on creation of a prototype of APK «AMSAT-KOVERT».

Computerized system APK“AMSAT-KOVERT” is intended for clinic-physiological diagnostics of the functional state of a human organism based on topical express-estimations of current electric characteristics of reflexogenic biologically active zones (BAZ) of the skin.

The software enables to carry out integral and differential graphic and topical estimation of:
• functional state of the organism
• spine
• adjoint to it segment-neural apparatus
• visceral organs of the man

APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” is intended to be used for:
• Medical,
• Health-improving (sport, fitness, health centers) and
• Research purposes.
What is more it is one of few complexes that are able to solve the most important tasks of practical health protection, that is the prophylaxis of developing of acute and chronic diseases.


Unlike other methods APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” enables:
• to get the multilevel estimation of the state of the functional
systems and reserve possibilities of the organism,
• define an integral «response» to application of functional loading tests and pilot trials,
which is especially important at determination of compensation and defense reserves of the organism of a patient.


• simplicity and convenience of carrying out the diagnostics,
• minimization of examination time (starting from 30 sec.),
• reliability of the received information,
• reproducibility of diagnostics results,
• visual and up-to-date presentation of the information (3d – arts graphics),
• using terminology which is clear to the modern doctor

Basic principle of work of APK «AMSAT-KOVERT» is an analysis of dynamic characteristics of volume electric conductivity of human body by 22 intersected directions with the use of three pair of electrodes: frontal, hand and foot.
APK «AMSAT–KOVERT» automatically conducts the successive scan-out of the proper areas of the head and extremities by superweak impulses with the guided parameters. An electric test-signal influencing a patient in the process of diagnostics is physiological for an organism and does not cause the discomfort feelings for a patient.

The information obtained in the result of data measurements of a patient is passed by PC through the processing block APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” to a diagnostic subsystem where on the basis of the set of mathematical decision rules, put in database of APK «AMSAT-KOVERT», recognition of the image of the state of a patient is produced.

Further, the information is transferred into a subsystem of decision making where electro-physiological indexes (EI) of BAZes of the skin and degree of their abnormality from permissible physiological scopes of norm are analyzed and the results are presented as phantoms (computer visual appearances of organs and systems). In APK «AMSAT-KOVERT» we don't use fixed time to estimate EI of BAZes of the skin. Instead, it is used the continuous in time registration to complete establishment of electric transient.
The information about a patient appears on the computer monitor as text and graphic (graphic phantoms, text messages and circular and linear charts with a projection on measured zones). There is also a powerful scientific-statistical block of analysis of the information both on a single patient and prophylactic medical examination of the population. The received information can be printed out.

The conversational mode - «the computer – the doctor – the patient» allows to verify the results of the analysis.
APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” is designed as a measurement block connected to the computer.

Basic technical characteristics:
• the number of measuring electrodes – 6;
• type of testing electric current – impulse (set by the program)
• minimum time of measurement – 8 sec.;
• the number of types of measurement – 6;

• weight of the complex – 7 kg

Certificates on the useful model: 6685, 7296;