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"Medical-Technical Centre" COVERT", Ltd develops, manufactures, distributes and services medical equipment, proven over 25 years of experience in domestic and international market:

in therapy - wide-range millimeter wave therapy (MMWT);

in diagnostics – hardware-software system for evaluating the functional state of the human organizm APK “AMSAT-COVERT.

Medical-Technical Center (MTC) “COVERT” provides training and retraing of doctors to work on the proposed equipment.

The Health Department of the Center provides diagnostics and treatment using the given medical technologies.

A Brief History

1990- establishment of the Therapeutic Department for the treatment of neurological diseases of children on the basis of a medical advisory cooperative "Nevromed" (Moscow), where they began to apply the method of microwave resonance therapy (MRT) - a prototype of the modern wide-range millimeter wave therapy (MMWT).

1992 -the department became an independent Small Enterprise Medical Center "Russian Physician," in the same year transformed into Ltd. (later LLC) "COVERT." Expansion of clinical practice with the use of MRT methodology.

1993 - Initiation of work on a new version of the diagnostic complex APK "AMSAT-COVERT," start of work on pilot samples of machines of "COVERT“ series.

1995 - reregistration into «Medical-Technical Centre" COVERT,” Ltd. The transition to mass production of medical devices "COVERT" of MMWT series by RF patents for inventions (№ 2066556, № 2066557). The establishment of creative collaboration with the Russian Federation Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

1996 – the arrangement of the conference of the doctors who specialized in MMWT and diagnostic system APK "AMSAT-COVERT" in the MTC training center "COVERT." In connection with the conference a collection of scientific and practical advice on MMWT (first edition) was released.

1999 – production of the new modifications of MMWT devices and diagnostic complex APK “AMSAT-COVERT” under the trademarks « KOVERT» and «AMSAT».

2001 – The MTC equipment "COVERT" came through a full cycle of technical and clinical trials, as confirmed by the certificate of compliance and license to manufacture. The equipment MTC "COVERT" was demonstrated at Russian and foreign exhibitions, was discussed at Russian and international conferences and congresses as well as in medical and popular publications; the experts of the center defended the thesis for the Doctorate in Medical Science, a collection of scientific papers "Millimeter Wave Therapy" was released.

2004 – expantion of partnership with foreign specialists and organisations to promote and certify the MTC equipment “COVERT” and training of doctors.

2005 – the diagnostic system APK “AMSAT-COVERT” was produced in 7 languages. The specialists of MTC “COVERT” prepared and offered to doctors the following reference manuals: “Millimeter Wave Therapy with Fundamentals of Reflexology” and “Practical application of APK “AMSAT-COVERT”. In March 2005 Space-Medical Engeenering Institute of China used APK “AMSAT-COVERT” for express diagnostics of the health of astranouts. On the 12-13th of November there was “The First International AMSAT Simposyum” together with the company “HOLISTIC-CONCEPTS”, Institute of Virkhov, Berlin, where the reports by European medical practitioners were presented.

2006 – In February, the Japanese Institute “RIKEN” (initiative research department KAVASE) acquired the entire series of MMWT devices to study the influence of mm-waves on alive cells.
In September, Tunisia hosted an international medical symposium “Aspects of application of APK “AMSAT-COVERT” in traditional and alternative medicine. Non-drug methods of treatment of various diseases with the use of Millimeter Wave Therapy.”

2007-2009 – The Medical Center expanded the range of services and carried out treatment of spine diseases. The software (SW) and electronic components of measuring unit APK "AMSAT-COVERT" were improved. The software came with 3D graphics, supported Win XP and Vista and had 10 linguistic versions. In addition to the training of Russian specialists, seminars for foreign doctors were regularly held in Germany, China, Belgium and Japan.

Currently, a Russian-German model of the device “AMSAT-HOLISTIC-CONCEPT” is manufactured and certified in Germany.

The certification of purely a Russian variant of “AMSAT-COVERT” has been accomplished in Switzerland and China. The specialists of MTC “COVERT” constantly participate in conferences, congresses, seminars and exhibitions, are working on improving the existing medical equipment, both hardware and software, are actively engaged in scientific work and are exchanging new information with graduates and users of the company's medical equipment both in Russia and abroad.