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MMWT Device, universal computerized stationary AMT-RS-54/75-ALS

From year to year a growing interest for treating a variety of diseases by artificial low-energy physical factors can be observed. The use of these technologies for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes is quite efficient, economically sound, practically harmless and most physiologic. These methods include primarily Millimeter Wave Therapy.


MMWT- therapy is based on the discovery of biological resonance, consisting in the fact that the organism through biologically-active points (BAP), well-known from oriental acupuncture and reflexologically connected with the organs with dysfunctions, not only responds to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of extremely low intensity very selectively in frequency (resonance) but also is “cured” by this EMR, that is restores its functions gradually.
The exchange of traditional instruments of oriental acupuncture (needle, cigar-moxas) for an apparatus generator of EMR enabled to optimize the value of influencing signal, which provided maximum restorative and curing effect as compared with well-known acupuncture methods, resulting in curing the diseases which used to be regarded as incurable both by European and Oriental medicine.
MMWT operates simultaneously on etiological, pathogenetic and symptomatic levels and has the following therapeutic effects: neurostimulative, immunocorrective and secretory.

Advantages of MMWT:

MMWT combining all the potentials of modern law-energy physiotherapy and reflexology has a number of advantages:

The level of electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range is very small and the influence on the organism is produced by the factors that relate to information.

After MMWT procedures there is an aftereffect (accumulation) which overlaps the intervals between procedures, which provides continuity of therapeutic process.

MMWT is effective in curing hundreds of pathologies, if used professionally, and almost doesn't have negative side effects, which is unprecedented in medicine.

Being noninvasive, this method excludes contamination of a patient.

Compact portable MMWT equipment enables to provide patients with treatment both in hospital and at home.

The widespread introduction of MMWT technology will achieve the following objectives: providing great masses of population with effective medical care, a significant reduction in financial costs for medications in the treatment of various diseases, reduced invalidism and mortality in certain categories of patients now regarded as incurable, reducing costs for curing epidemically dangerous immunodeficiency (flu, HIV), etc.
The experience in practical use of this technique showed that according to the ratio of therapeutic efficacy and capital costs for the adoption of this technology it has no analogs. A generalized indicator of economic efficiency, that is payback of capital costs for different regions, is from 3 to 12 months.