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Creation of MMWT - KOVERT technology

Fundamentals of Microwave Resonance Therapy (MRT), the modern name – MILLIMETER WAVE THERAPY (MMWT) were developed in the 80s in the USSR, Ukraine (Prof. S.P. Sitko, Corr of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences M.U. Beliy, E.A.Andreev,doctorate in mathematics and physics). After going through the clinical trials in 1986, the USSR Ministry of Health permitted the use of MRT in clinical practice using industrial generators G-4-142, adapted for medical use.


The results of experimental testing of MRT showed its high efficiency in the non-drug treatment of a number of pathologies, and in accordance with Resolution185 of Ukraine Council of Ministers of June 13, 1989, a state - republican program for MRT introduction in practical health care of Ukraine was established. The first phase of this program implied to create within three years 19 600 beds for treatment of various diseases, including a number of incurable diseases, as well as the rehabilitation of victims of Chernobyl disaster.


To implement this program the medical devices of the 1st generation "THRESHOLD-1" and "AMRT-1" were developed and their serial production was launched in the cities Aktyubinsk, Vilnius and Odessa. However, in 1991 the implementation of the program was interrupted due to force majeure circumstances .


It should be noted that in the Soviet Union, with the exception of Ukraine, MRT technology actually wasn't used, upon the pretext of the presence in the country supposedly identical technology – technology of EHF-therapy, commercially available in the RSFSR (Moscow) since the early 80s. At the same time completely ignored was the fact that these techniques have the only thing formally in common, the frequency of electromagnetic radiation belonging to millimeter range. All the rest: the band of radiation, its level, zones of impact, exposure time, the scientific and methodological bases, and most importantly, the final result - the therapeutic efficacy and nosological spectrum of application differ greatly and are not in favor of EHF technology.


Things began to change after meeting S.P. Sitko and prof. V.D. Zhukovsky with V.N. Kovalenko, the Head of Department of Health Care of the Council of People's Deputies of Moskvoretsky region, Moscow, held in the summer, 1987. The subject of the meeting was to conduct extended clinical testing of MRT in medical institutions of Moskvoretsky region.


The aprobation took place under the personal responsibility and under the direct supervision of V.N. Kovalenko in Clinic # 51 in Moscow (Head Doctor T.S. Tombaeva). The results were so convincing and sensational that the way for MRT use was opened not only in Ukraine but also in the Soviet Union in tote.


For V.N. Kovalenko (now the director of "MTC “Covert "), who by the time of the testing completion had already been the Deputy Chief Cenitary Inspector of the USSR, these events became stimulus to focus on the implementation of MRT (today - MMWT) in wide medical practice as an alternative to recklessly use of medication treatment known to be far from harmless and often expensive as well.


Since we are talking about the influence of ultra-weak radiation, the so-called - non-thermal intensity, which does not really have the energy impact on a biological object, millimeter waves (MMW) to be attributed solely to information factors of impact on the organizm.


There are several hypotheses of mechanisms of low-intensity MMW influence on the human organizm.


The hypothesis of "Source" (N.D. Devyatkov, M.B. Golant): EHF-therapy favours the mobilization of the organizm reserves continuously declining with age.


Hypothesis "EMH" ("electromagnetic homeopathy," N.D. Kolbun): any biosystem can not be separated from internal and external EMF, the former creating an informational basis inside the biosystem for its activity, while the latter (external EMF flows) acting as regulators of internal information flows.


Hypothesis "IOX-IRE" (Y.I. Khurgin and others): the EHF exposure increases the synthesis of ATP resulting in additionally produced biologically active therapeutic agents that affect the immune status of the body, it can be asserted that low-intensity MMW influence the regulatory functions of the organism and its protection systems.


The concept of D.S. Cherniavsky – E.P. Khizhnyak: biological effect of EHF-therapy is determined by peculiar micro massage of microanatomic structures. The role of millimeter waves is reduced to detection of deviations of the organizm from the norm (autodiagnostics), and, according to data of autodiagnostics, when the organizm fixes this discrepancy, pharmaceuticals (autotherapy) begin to produce.


The theory of the electromagnetic skeleton of a human (S.P. Sitko and others): it is based on the discovery of biological resonance when biological objects are exposed to electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range.


Without questioning the scientific quality and usefulness of the above hypotheses, one can not help noticing the huge gulf between the proposed explanations of the mechanisms of therapeutic effects of millimeter waves and the observed results of such exposure. It is especially true for diseases with unknown or uncertain etiology: cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia, etc. which are heavily resistant to other treatment methods but MMWT, i.e. all of the hypotheses do not give a satisfactory explanation for the phenomenon of MMWT universality, lying in treatment response of hundreds of diseases of diverse etiology in monotherapy mode.

The hypothesis of MTC "COVERT": Millimeter wave impact on BAT is adequate to the patient's condition and prompts the organizm to synthesize the necessary at the moment facilities of endogenous substances in optimal concentrations sufficient for sanogenesis process.

It should be understood that in the process of treating a patient by MMWT, the complex of endogenous drugs is automatically optimized and updated.