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Principle of AMT-PC operation

Millimeter wave therapy (MMWT) - therapeutic use of electromagnetic millimeter waves (4-7mm) of extremely low intensity by means of remote exposure on biologically active points (BAP) of all types of acupuncture - corporeal, auricular, Su Jok and biologically active zones (BAZ).


Natural electromagnetic millimeter waves, emitted by the sun and planets, are absorbed in the atmosphere and do not reach the Earth's surface. Owing to their short length millimeter waves are well absorbed by water molecules of hydrated proteins and collagen fibers. As a result, they have low penetration in biological tissue: 0.2-0.8 mm. Emitters – waveguides of the devices concentrate millimeter waves into parallel beams, which determines, in contrast to the waves of greater length, exclusively localized impact on the individual sections of the patient's body.


During the treatment when the patient is exposed to impact, natural, genetically determined mechanisms of recovery are activated .


Millimeter Wave Therapy is primarily:

- a new method of treatment using a low-intensity artificial physical factor, which is based on the potential of Oriental Medicine;

- a specific means of influencing the BAP and BAZ, that is electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range, close to the natural background of the Earth;

- optimization of impact factor by all parameters: frequency, power of exposure mode, exposure time and an individual treatment program on BAP and BAZ for each patient. This may explain the high efficiency of MMWT, particularly in the treatment of incurable as well as other diseases.


Millimeter Wave Therapy functions simultaneously on etiological, pathogenetic and symptomatic levels and has the following therapeutic effects: neurostimulating, immunocorrective and secretory.


In the modern world of medical technologies Millimeter Wave Therapy has taken its place between the traditional and alternative medicine by purpose, methodology and means of goal attainment.


The main criterion of MMWT efficiency - the clinical results achieved over 30 years of practice in Russia and many countries around the world.


Benefits of MMWT

MMWT combining all the features of a modern low-energy physical therapy and acupuncture has several advantages:


– The level of electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range is extremely small, and the organizm is influenced by the factors that relate to information.

– After MMWT procedures there is an aftereffect (accumulation) which overlaps the intervals between procedures, which provides continuity of therapeutic process.

– MMWT is effective in curing hundreds of pathologies, if used professionally, and almost doesn't have negative side effects, which is unprecedented in medicine.

– Being noninvasive, this method excludes contamination of a patient.

Compact portable MMWT equipment enables to cure patients both in hospital and at home.


Universal computerized device "AMT -RS-54/75-ALS"

The Device enables to work with a PC via USB-port.
The device is a source of signals of EHF band.

The Device consists of :

– microprocessor control unit with power supply,

– radiating head with output devices,

– tripod and connecting cable.


The control unit provides:

- connection of the device to the mains;

- connection of the device to a PC;

- feed of the radiating head during a session of radiation;

- installation and operating mode indication of the device;

- installation and indication of the discrete changes of radiation frequency;

- installation and indication of the radiation frequency;

- installation and indication of the power level of radiation;

- start of a radiation session and start of the timer;

- time indication before the end of the session.


The radiating head is electronically tunable EHF generator. It is made as a series connection of EHF generator, nonreciprocal element and attenuator enclosed in a single case, providing the connection of the head to a tripod.


EHF generator is based on a waveguide chamber, which contains IMPATT and a varaktor. Electronic frequency tuning of UHF-generator is performed by varying the voltage on the varaktor.


The current-controlled attenuator provides setting of a given level of the output power.


Output devices (such as "mouthpiece" and "point" types) are connected to the radiating head of your choice.


A tripod and a cable provide fastening of the radiating head and its orientation to the patient's acupuncture points, as well as electrical connection between the control unit and a radiating head.


The keys located on the front panel of the unit are used to control the device.


The device can operate in three modes depending on the user's choice:

– pseudo-noise emission mode;

– manual search mode for the desired frequency and coherent radiation mode;

– automatic search mode for resonant frequency with finding a specified time at every point of the range.


The mode is selected with keys MODE and STEP.


Keys MODE and STEP are used to chose the following modes:

Sweep – pseudo-noise radiation mode.

In this mode oscillation (swing, sweeping) of radiation frequency throughout
the entire frequency range of the device takes place.;

Man -- manual search mode for frequencies and coherent radiation mode;

Manual search for the required frequency is carried out by means of
frequency tuning using keys FREQUENCY during the session of coherent

For coherent radiation mode the user selects the frequency of radiation for
the whole session by pressing FREQUENCY keys.

During the session the radiation frequency oscilates relative to the set
frequency in the selected limits (STEP) which is selected by key STEP.


Scan – automated search mode for resonance frequency.


200 - a coherent radiation mode and a mode of automatic search for the required frequency with a step of frequency tuning of 200 MHz;

50 - a coherent radiation mode and a mode of automatic search for the required frequency with a step of frequency tuning of 50 MHz;

10 - a coherent radiation mode and a mode of automatic search for the required frequency with a step of frequency tuning of 10 Mhz.


The keys TIMER ® or ¬ enable to set the duration of the radiation session or the delay time for each frequency in Scan mode.

The key LEVEL enables to change the level of output power from 1- minimal power to 5 – maximum radiation power.

The key START turns off/on the radiation session.

Faults of the Device.


During the operation the device tests itself. In the case of any malfanction of the device the operating control is blocked and FREQUENCY indicator shows an error code:

Err.0 – fault is in the power supply (power is less than 180-190 V);

Err.1 – fault of EHF radiation head (gen.1);

Err.2 - faul of EHF radiation head (gen.2).


If such messages appear, the device should be immidiately pluged out and then pluged in again. If the arror repeats in the power supply (Err.0), it is necessary to increase supply voltage to 220 V. In other cases the device is considered to be defective and its repair at the producer factory is required.