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Methodical manual on MMWT

A guidebook for doctors was made by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Federal Department of Biomedical and Extreme Problems at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Rector V.D. Reva), the Department of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation Medicine at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Head of Department N.B. Korchazhkina, MD) and Medical-technical Centre "COVERT" (Director V.N. Kovalenko).

Compiled by: N.B. Korchazhkina, MD, V.V. Rueva, doctorate in medicine, A.A. Tukov, doctorate in medicine.



This manual for doctors describes the methodological approaches and practical recommendations on the use of Millimeter Wave Therapy in clinical practice. This method of treatment enables to affect various sections of pathogenesis and treat a wide range of diseases, including the treatment of certain diseases to reduce the doses of drugs in complex therapy . Millimeter Wave Therapy can be combined with medication as well as with drug-free treatments (physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage, etc.) and can be used in medical and spa facilities to optimize treatment regimens and for prevention and rehabilitation of the patients.

The handbook is intended for a wide range of specially trained medical clinicians.