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Indications and contra-indications for using the computer-based diagnostics system APK “AMSAT-KOVERT”

APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” is a clinic-physiological diagnostics of the functional state of a human organism on the basis of topical express estimation of the current electrical reflexogenic biologically active zones of the skin.
It enables to estimate qualitative and quantitative indexes of health, the level of adaptation ability of the organism, find risk factors and illnesses, evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, recommend some therapy and solve one of the most important tasks of practical health-improving – prevention of acute and chronic diseases.


APK “AMSAT-COVERT” provides integral and differential graphicand topical estimation of functional state of the organism, a spine and adjoint to it a segment-neuron apparatus, as well as visceral organs of a man.
For creation of the systm the works of R. Foll, X. Pfalaum and the others were used .

The complex enables:
• get within a short period of time (from 8 to 5 minutes) the information about a functional state of an organism of man, embodied on Personal Computer in graphic, conversational and verified modes;
• find out functional imbalance of different severity in organs or systems of the organism;

• objectively define a volume and type of necessary medicare (ambulatory-polyclinic, stationary, prophylactic, rehabilitation-and-restorative, sanatorium-resort).
• objectively define the necessity of carrying out additional diagnostic investigations and consultations of specialists taking into account the individual features of the functional state of the organism of every patient;
• control and evaluation of effectiveness of the treatment, rehabilitation, sanatorium-resort and other health-improving activities;
• reveal stress condition and define its degree;
• estimate compensatory ability of the organs, systems and the organism on the whole;
• objectively define functional state of the organism (its organs and systems) at persons with physical and psychical abnormalities (mentally sick, innate genetic diseases, deaf-and-dumb, etc.);
• estimate the ability of the organism to restore itself (its organs and systems) after functional influence such as psycho-emotional, mental, physical exertion, rest, illness, etc.;
• carry out dynamic follow-up of the state of an organism, organ and system, conduct control of efficiency and results of clinic-physiological, folk and oriental methods of therapy (in-use by doctors of manual therapy and acupuncturist, specialists on microwave resonance therapy, and also in homeopathy, herbal therapy, physiotherapy,etc.) with the possibility to quantitatively define (in percents) the changes under the influence of therapy or activity;





• define optimal volume and kind of physical loads on different parts of musculoskeletal system and separate organs;
• objectify scientific experiments in medicine;

• define a functional state and degree of negative industrial and ecological factors on the organism;
• estimate the conformity of the functional state of the organism to the professional requirements and express-access to work of the special contingent (pilots, drivers, locomotive drivers, etc);
• carry out valeological research;

• analyze phylogenetic mechanisms of alteration development in organs and systems of the organism (find localization of primary changes in organs and segment apparatus of the spine);
• reveal groups of risk on organs, systems and the whole body during prophylactic medical examination of the population, with subsequent “Health map” execution;
• objectify economic calculations of expenses on medical aid,
taking into account the individual state of the organism of every person and a group on the whole, objectify the results of scientific-research work;
• maintain database records, realize accountability, processing and visualization of summary documentation with their further printing out in color mode;


One of the most interesting application of APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” is its use for medicament testing of drugs, bio-additives and some ecological factors.
Unlike other methods APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” enables to obtain multilevel estimation of functional state and adaptive abilities of the organism, define integral and differential “respond” to the applied testing loads, which is especially important to evaluate reserves of compensation and protection of the organism of a patient.
Certification tests of APK “AMSAT-KOVERT” demonstrated its reliability not less than 80%.

“AMSAT” can't be used in the following cases:
• When a patient doesn't have one or more extremities;
• When his skin is considerably changed (burns, scars, skin diseases, etc.).
• When a patient has an artificial cardiac pacemaker.