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The development of APK “AMSAT-KOVERT' (original name) was conducted to execute Decisions of the State Commission of Ministerial council of the USSR (and also the State Planning Committee of the USSR and Bureau on mechanical engineering of SM of the USSR) of 06.07.1989 # 211 and BM # 5712 of 27.12.1986, and and Decisions of the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR and Ministry of Health of the USSR on creation « Medical device for diagnostics and prophylactic medical examination of the population and estimation of efficiency of action of pharmacological and non-pharmacological and means». Additional stimulus for an intensification of this work was the Resolution of directive bodies of the country about carrying out a general prophylactic medical examination of the population of the USSR (1988г.).
On the primary stage the collectives of scientists , designers, technologists of the following institutes were involved in this work:
 State Committee on a sci-tech;
 Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman;
 The Institute of the Applied Mathematics named after Keldysh;
 Moscow Institute of Radio-Electronics and Automation;
Central Scientific Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics of Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR; Moscow Power Institute;
 Departments of Reflexology of COLIUV of Department of Health of the USSR;
 Scientific Research Institute of Reflexology of all-union center of medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy of Department of Health of the USSR;
 All-union Center of Therapy of Mental Diseases of Department of Health of the RSFSR;
 «Saratov Aggregate Plant» Associations of Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR (producing an experimental series);
 Central Military Research Proof-of-Concept Aviation Hospital of Air Forces.
In 1989 the first variant of the computer system of an electro-skin diagnostics, based on fundamental works of R.Foll (1984g.), Kh. Pflaum (1982g.), Kh. Leonard (1986g.), O. Bergsmann (1984g.), under the name of “ASED- 14” passed clinical approbation in the Central Military Research Aviation Hospital (Gorbachev O.Yu) and was actively used for the estimation of the state of pilots and cosmonauts. Later on, in the beginning of the 90s the leading specialists of the VNIIETO and Central military polyclinics of Air Forces of Ministry of Defense of Russian FEDERATION took part in the creation of a new more perfect system of diagnostics, which got the name «AMSAT». Since 1993 the work on further development of APK «AMSAT-KOVERT» has been conducted within the framework of Medico-technical Center «KOVERT», which is today the producer of this system and the owner of the following commercial grads: «KOVERT», «KOVERT», «AMSAT», «AMSAT».