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Principle of Rheonome "Miomodel-10" Operation

"Miomodel" is a professional electromio-stimulator of the new generation that is based on modern microprocessor technology.

For its development the best achievements in domestic space medicine and years of clinical experience in the field of multi-channel electrical miostimulation were used.


Especially important is the fact that the bipolar pulse current (BPC) from the rheonome "MIOMODEL-10" has a unique characteristic (parameters of current, its structure, etc.), which is the closest to the form of bio-currents of the human organism, which enables to maximize the comfort of the patient at the maximum therapeutic and recreational effectiveness. It also protects skin from a "chemical" burn shock (which is especially important in cosmetics). In general, these features and other patented original designings (patent of RF № 21,228,529; authors: A.A. Esyutin, N.N. Lazarenko, E.V. Prokhorov) give principal advantage of "MIOMODEL-10" over the other modern rheonomes, including the best foreign analogues.


Special features and advantages of the rheonom “MIOMODEL-10”


– multi-channel (10 channels, necessary and sufficient for almost all indications for the BPC-electrical stimulation and simultaneous procedures on the entire surface of the body);

- galvanic isolation of all output channels, which provides additional electrical safety;

- a unique "structural" characteristic of the current pulses (which provides the greatest therapeutic efficacy);

- properties of the "Smart Interface" (including self-monitoring and self-examination);

- ensuring maximum comfort for the patient (exclusion of pain during the procedures, etc.);

- compactness and portability (no remote power supply);

- easy, convenient and reliable to operate;

- warranty and out-of-warranty service.


The rheonome “MIOMODEL” can be effectively used in hospitals, health and fitness centers, beauty parlours, etc.