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Indications and contraindications for the use of rheonome "Miomodel-10"

1. General characteristics of the effects of BPC electrical stimulation on the organizm


Under the influence of high-effective bipolar pulse current (BPC) from the rheonome "Miomodel" blood circulation in the body increases, motor function and sensitivity are restored, pain sindrome is reduced, bronchospasm is removed, the drainage function of the lungs is improved, as well as motor-evacuation and secretory function of the intestine and the regulation of urination, sexual activity is restored, all types of metamolism(fat, carbohydrate, protein) are improved, the tissue respiration and trophic function are normalized and the resistance and tolerance of the organizm in general is increased.


2. Common indications for the use of BPC electrical stimulation


The device of BPC-electrical stimulation "Miomodel" is effectively used to treat patients with many diseases and injuries, in non-surgical correction of figure and face, for prevention of osteoporosis, hypodynamia, cellulite, etc.
The device can also be used for recreational purposes - to relieve fatigue and the effects of stress, raise efficiency, increase muscle mass, strength (bodybuilding, etc.), endurance of athletes, etc.
BPC has exceptionally wide possibilities in cosmetology.
BPC can be used either alone or in combination with more general activities related to changes in lifestyle and diet, medication, physical therapy, etc.


3. The list of specific indications in diseases


The specific list of clinically tested indications for the use of BPC electrical stimulation contains more than 80 titles. Some techniques are patented. Below there is a sample list of the most common indications for the treatment of some diseases of:

musculoskeletal system and in surgery (arthrosis and arthritis, the effects of trauma, the preparations for prosthetic limb after amputation, osteoporosis, osteochondropathy, myasthenia gravis, spondylitis deformans, progressive muscular dystrophy, the removal of scars and adhesions, resorption of infiltrates after plastic surgery, etc.) ;

central and peripheral nervous system (neurosis, pain in neuralgia, neuritis, myositis and osteochondrosis of the spine;
polyneuropathy, peripheral and spastic paresis and paralysis, including in cancer patients receiving radical treatment; cerebral palsy, polio aftereffects, etc.);

cardio-vascular system (neurocirculatory dystonia, hypo-and hypertension of I - IIA degree; coronary heart disease FC 1-2; atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, including in pre-and post-operative period, the initial stage of Raynaud's disease; early cerebral arteriosclerosis, lymphedema, etc.);

respiratory system(residual effects of acute pneumonia; cronic Bronchitis and cronic Pneumonia, asthma, etc.);

digestive system (atony of stomach, intestine, gall bladder, cronic gastritis and cronic colitis, peptic ulcer, etc.);

urogenital system (cronic prostatitis, cronic salpingo-oophoritis, impotence (including gerontological age), the expulsion of stones from the lower third of the urethra, violation of menstrual function, infertility, climacteric syndromes, etc.);

ENT organs (vasomotor rhinitis, chronic tonsillitis, aphonia, sensorineural hearing loss, paresis and paralysis of larynx, prevention of cicatricial changes in postoperative period, etc.);

metabolic and endocrine glands (obesity and cellulitis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc.).


4. Prevention of hypodynomia and improvement of athletic performance:

- after a long stay in bed;

- after removing the plaster with hypertophy of muscles;

- increase in muscle volume and muscle strength (including bodybuilding); endurance of athletes, etc.,

- improvement of athletic performance (including power-speed response, accuracy of shooting, hitting, throwing, etc.);

- rehabilitation after physical and psychological overload in emergency situations, etc.

5. The use of BPC electrostimulation in cosmetology


The proposed rheonome "Miomodel" can become the basis for organization of the beauty parlor.
This device is effective for non-surgical correction of face and figure, including:

- weight loss (without dieting): treatment of obesity and cellulite;

- reducing the waist size, removal of "breeches"syndrome;

- "lift" of the chin, belly, thighs, buttocks;

- creating and maintaining a beautifu shape of breasts, breast firming;

- non-surgical correction of facial features, shape of the neck, legs, etc.;

- wrinkle smoothing, pigmentation spot "bleaching" (including face, neck, etc.);

- improvement of skin tone and microcirculation in tissues;

- miolifting, lymphatic drainage, etc.


6. Other promising areas of the use of BPC electrostimulation:


- in ophthalmology,

- in addiction,

- in dentistry,

- in psychiatry,

- in proctology,

- in gerontology, etc.


The course of treatment usually consists of 15-30 electrostimulation procedures and for pain syndrom removal - 5-8 procedures. A refresher course can be carried out in 1-2 months.

The treatment can be combined with other physical factors: massage, water thermotherapy, as well as physical therapy and physical training in athletes.




- a serious condition of the patient: the depletion as the result of physical or mental diseases;

- decompensation in the body systems: cardiovascular insufficiency of 3-4th degree, pulmonary insufficiency of 3-4th degree, renal insufficiency of 3-4th degree, decompensation diabetes;

- severe violations of heart rythm;

- fever;

- infectious diseases;

- Suspicion of malignant tumor;

- bleeding;

- the presence of implanted conductive elements in a patient.