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Principle of AMT-COVERT Operation

The apparatus is available in two types : corporeal - "COVERT-T-01" and universal - "COVERT-T-01A" to influence the auricular, corporeal BAT and Su-Jok points.


The devices provide the impact on BAP of a patient by a low intensity electromagnetic emitter of EHF radiation band.


Description of the Device and Principle of its operation


Constructively, the device is designed as an emitting device which can be mounted on a tripod or hand-held and a power supply(control) unit.

The device consists of the following functional units:

– Power Supply (Control) Unit;

– Emitting Device (EHF generator)


When you plug the device into a network of 220 V, the voltage is submitted to the power supply (control) unit, which lowers, rectifies and filters the voltage of AC power.


When you turn on the switch, the converted supply voltage from the output of the power supply (control) unit is applied to EHF generator, where it is converted into the energy of EHF oscillations.


The special design of the generator ensures the formation of a given diagram of the direction of the output radiation containing in its spectrum the necessary components of therapeutic frequencies and providing resonance effect on biologically active points of the skin surface.


Preparation of the Device for Work.


Unpack the unit, in the case of transportation at negative temperatures, the machine should be left unpacked in a transport container at a temperature of 20°-25°C for at least 2 hours.


Operating conditions must comply with Paragraph 2 of this passport.


By visual inspection make sure of absence of defects and breakdowns. Connect the device to the electric mains 220 V. Turn the switch on the emitting device and make sure that the unit is serveciable, which is indicated by LED glow on the emitting device.


The Sequence of Work


Only the individuals who have passed safety training and studied the Passport and Manual Instructions are allowed to work on the device. The apparatus should be switched on in accordance with paragraph 6 of this passport.


Medical procedures should be carried out in accordance with Manual Instructions.

– Bring the working part of the emitter to the biologically active point selected for exposure and place it perpendicular to the skin surface at a distance of 3-10 mm. The working end of the emitter can touch the surface of the patient's skin.

– Put the switch on the body of the emitter in the ON position. After the time of therapeutic effects on a selected biologically active point runs out, move the switch on the body of the transmitter in the OFF position.

– Upon completion of the entire treatment procedure, disconnect the device from the electric mains.


Safety Precautions


Don't start work without reading the Manual Instructions. The maintenance staff are prohibited to remidy any faults in the device.


The safety of the device is provided by technically constructed modes. The design of the device provides protection against electric shock and resistance to disinfectants. By way of protection against electric shock the device refers to Class II according to State Standard Specification 50267.0.