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Creation of MMWT - KOVERT technology


Bases of Microwave Resonant Therapy (MRT) (the modern name – MILLIMETER WAVE THERAPY (MMWT)) were developed in 80th in the Ukraine, USSR (Professor Sitko S.P., Corresponding Member of Ukraine Academy of Science Belyj M.U., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Andreev E.A.). After the successful realization of clinical tests in 1986 USSR Ministry of Healthcare has resolved the application of MRT in a clinical practice with the use of the industrial generators Г-4-142, adapted for medical application.

The results of test approbation of MRT have shown high efficiency at nonmedicamentous treatment of a lot of pathologies, and according to the Decision of USSR Ministerial Council from 13 06 1989 N185 a state-republican program of introduction of MRT method in USSR practical public health services has been created. At the first stage, this program provided within three years expansion of 19600 beds for wide specter of diseases treatment, including some incurable diseases, and also rehabilitation of people who have suffered from Chernobyl accident.

For realization of the given program medical devices of first generation such as «ПОРОГ-1» and «АMRT-1» have been developed and their serial release was adjusted in next USSR cities - Aktyubinsk, Vilnius and Kharkov. However by virtue of exceptional circumstances the realization of this program was stopped in 1991.

It is necessary to note, that in the territory of USSR except for Ukraine the MRT technology actually could not find application under a pretext of presence in the country supposedly identical technology – the technology of EHF-therapy which was serially manufactured in RSFSR (Moscow) from the beginning of 80th. Thus what was completely ignored is the fact that formally the only thing that these techniques had common is the belonging of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to a millimetric range. All other characteristics: emission band, its level, zones of influence, time of exhibiting, scientifically-methodical bases and, the most important, the terminal result - therapeutic efficiency and nosological spectrum of application are essentially different and not in the advantage of КВЧ technology at all.

The situation began to change in 1987 after S.P.Sitko and professor V.D.Zhukovskii met with the head of public health department of Moskvoretsk region of Moscow, mister V.N.Kovalenko. The subject of a meeting: the offer to lead expanded clinical approbation of MRT in medical institutions in Moskvoretsk region.


Approbation took place under the personal responsibility and under V.N.Kovalenko's direct control in 51-st polyclinic of Moscow (head physician Tombaeva Т.С). Its results have appeared to be so convincing and sensational, that it has opened MRT green road not only in Ukraine, but also in the whole USSR.

For Kovalenko V.N (nowadays director of Open Company " MTC " KOVERT ») which at the end of approbation worked as substitute of Main health officer of the USSR, these events became as an incentive motive to concentrate completely on introduction of MRT (today -MMWT) in a wide medical practice as alternatives to reckless application of medicamentous methods of treatment, which are as known, far not harmless and frequently expensive.



Researches of influence of not thermal EHF-radiations (a range of millimetric waves) effects on biological objects with the purpose of their subsequent application in medicine have begun with the end of the sixtieth years under the direction of academician N.D. Devjatkov.

The first clinical results have been received by the employee of the Odessa medical institute Nedzvetskii V.A. under the direction of prof. I.S.Cherkasov (the middle of 70th years). The therapeutic effect of treatment of the damaged biological fabrics has been achieved by the influence of EHF-radiations on the damaged areas of the body or occipital area of the head. Increased sensitivity of BAP (biologically active points – accupuncture points, known in East medicine) to electromagnetic radiation of a millimetric range has been found out at some pathologies of an organism (J.E.Vagin, V.A.Shestiperov, 1983;prof. S.P.Sitko in Kiev university with colleagues, 1985.). To the middle of the eightieth years there was two big collectives, developing theoretical and practical questions of not thermal or low intensity influences of millimetric waves on biological objects and an organism of the person: "EHF" collective under the direction of academician N.D.Devjatkov (Moscow, RSFSR) and "Response" collective under direction of professor S.P.Sitko (Kiev, Ukranian SSR).

The new scientific direction has passed several stages: preclinical stage (approximately from 1964 to 1978) - the first experiments with microorganisms and animals, clinical stage (from 1978) - the beginning of clinical application of the received experimental results. The following stage - a stage of parallel development of theoretical-experimental, medico-applied works, development and release of EHF-therapy devices (from the middle of the eightieth years). At this stage development and release of the equipment is realized under two ideologies: founders of narrow-band influence - "EHF" collective and broadband - "Response" collective.

In the first case the influence is carried out in a narrow strip in a vicinity of the fixed frequencies (devices of a series «Явь», "Beam", which used the 4,9; 5,6; 7,1 mm wave length for a long time and only recently added a of 2,5 mm wave length), in other - the individualized frequency of influence is determined under the touch response of the patient. If the response is not found, the noise influence in a wide strip of frequencies (usually it is an interval of frequencies of 53-78 GHz) is realized.

Last years medico-applied works became prevailing. There is a situation when practical application of EHF-radiations both in narrow-band, and in broadband variants gives rise to a new theoretical views and initiates experimental researches. Such situation is quite explainable, considering extreme complexity of a problem of interaction of EHF-radiations with biological systems (A.E.Bessonov, Golant M.B., etc., Moscow; А.М Kozhemyakin, Tomsk; L.S.Bundjuk, A.P.Kuzmenko, G.P.Ponezha Ukraine).