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Why system AMSAT is necessary to doctors for diagnostics?

Karl Hecht
Dr. med. Dr. med. habil.
Professor fűr Neurophysiologie und
emeritierter Professor fűr experimentelle und klinische pafhologische Physiologie
der Humboldt Universität (Charité) zu Berlin
Member of the International Academy of Science
Member of the International Academy of Astronautic
Mitglied der russischen Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften

It is necessary because the medicine carries out diagnostics and treatment from a position of a part, instead of integrity. It has led to that the today's medicine does not own chronic diseases and, first of all, AIDS and CANCER. Some statements of German scientists and doctors confirm this position.

« The paradoxical situation was created: on the one hand, impressing successes, with another, obvious bankruptcy. By more detailed consideration of this situation, we are forced to ask a question, whether there is “medicine” in general? Whether do 40-60 special disciplines of modern medical faculty in any measure reflect “medicine “? If “medicine” besides still deserves the name « humane medicine », whether it is permissible to her in this case to represent the conglomerate of disciplines knowing all about cells, fabrics, bodies and it is not enough or absolutely nothing about the sick person who possesses these cells, fabrics, bodies? »

Thure von Uexkűll, German patriarch of psychosomatic medicine in article “About necessity of medical education reform” in Вerli пег Ärzte 27/7 1990, p. 11-18.

« So there was an absurd division of today's medicine into doctors and clinics for a body without soul, on the one hand, and on therapists and clinics of neurosises as a hobby without a body, with another ».

Uexkűll und Wesiak (1990) Psychosomatic medicine.

Modern medical faculties are in a condition to prepare HIGHLY SKILLED biotechnicains on one of numerous special disciplines, but not doctors of “humane medicine”.
Thure von Uexkűll in article “About necessity of medical education reform” in Вerli пег Ärzte 27/7 p. 11-18.

Fridrih Kramer, former director of experimental medicine Institute of Maks Planck. From interview to magazine « Psychologie heute » 9/2002, p. 28-32, “An incorrect rate is taken in the field of genetic researches” :Today we have come nearer to that point since which we should start studying life as complete phenomenon if we wish to receive the valid picture of the world in which we live. Modern methods of research DO NOT ALLOW us to achieve this. The responsibility before all living, before suffering patients forbids us to transfer relationships of cause and effect from PHYSICS who now is a leading science. The science about a life never can have private character. It is always comprehensive. Let the so-called exact sciences chuckle above it and do not perceive it seriously. We should learn to exist with this because we deal with an alive life, for what we bear the responsibility. We should get rid, at last, of subordination to physical sciences to immerse in an original science about a life ».

AMSAT system allows to overcome this catastrophic situation in which long years the western classical medicine stays first of all and to promote break of a new paradigm – regulation medicine (information-power complete medicine).

AMSAT system is capable to diagnose in case of functional diseases, i.e. to recognize преморбидные, early stages of disease. Objective confirmation of functional infringements (ICD 10 F) represents an insuperable problem for medicine, especially for therapists. Only at each fourth surveyed patient who has come to the doctor with painful sensations, it was possible to locate ”the results of researches testifying to organic changes” (Henningsen 1996). Meanwhile from the moment of development of functional infringements to demonstration of the disease, allowing to obtain demonstrative data, 7-18 years can easily pass (Reimer et al 1979, von Uexkull 1990, Graff et al 1969). Charges of similar patients in the USA constantly passing from one doctor to another (Doctor shopping), in 9 times above the average patient (WEINER 1988).

2. We always should recognize that a person either is all-healthy, or sick. The person as the whole is sick even then his complaints concern only to separate bodies or systems, for example at pains in a backbone they can be shown in the headaches limiting even intellectual working capacity. On our own experience we know, that strong toothaches deprive our physical and mental forces.

3. The reason of complaints to this or that system of bodies unessentially is in this or that place, it can be in system of absolutely other bodies. Phantom pains, for example, in the amputated extremities are known.

4. Breaking up on subdisciplines, the fragmental medicine captured by entropic tendency in a condition with its especially narrow specific diagnostics is capable for only partially predict the real diagnosis. The erroneous diagnosis is already programmed in advance, as reality shows it. Doctors urgently require functional diagnostics of a complete organism. AMSAT system also serves for these purposes

How does AMSAT system works?

1. We should recognize that each alive essence and especially human are electrophysiological essences. The methods of measurement tracing electrophysiological processes are known already for more than hundred years. Today we know an electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram), EEG (electroencephalogram), which gives us a picture of brain currents in a dream and in a condition of wakefulness. Are known also EMG (electromyogram) and EDA (electrodermal activity of skin).

Fridrih Kramer in the book “The Symphony alive - general resonance theory attempt“ (I998) describes the advantages of an electrophysiological measuring technique of vital functions.

« The electric currents even modulated and pulse, can be much easier measured than streams of substance, emissions of hormones and hormonal impulses. For the last ones it is necessary to do expensive microanalyses and sampling which should be carried out through very short time intervals and that is improbable concerning to many cellular systems. The biochemical analysis also is very difficult and prodigal. As opposed to it, the analysis of electric currents is simple and allows using very short intervals of time. Рatch-damp method discovered in Goettingen is capable to investigate a cell and find out all its electric properties. For this reason studying of interaction and a resonance in the central nervous system has promoted considerably forward, in comparison with a stage of corresponding hormonal interactions in an organism ».

2. AMSAT system works on the basis of electrodermal activity principle which is already known from the end of 19 centuries (Tarchanoff 1889, Fere 1888). Till now it was applied to display emotional processes in psychophysiological diagnostics (Boucsein 1988). Electrodermal activity (EDA) can be registered by means of an electrosomatic measuring technique as it is familiar to us on an electrocardiogram, EEG and EMG. The second variant of a measuring technique is endosomatic variant of EDA which finds application in modern medicine for some decades, especially in psychophysiology. In this case electrophysiological regulation of the person is excited by the certain stimulus and it is possible to measure response. AMSAT system works by the principle of stimulus-reflection measurement. Using six electrodes by means of 22 measuring lines complete reaction of all segments is registered. AMSAT verifies the condition of an organism, using two measuring expert systems:

1. Rest - loading - restoration system.
2. Measuring system of colloidal conditions for definition of sol-gel ratio.