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Application of AMSAT-KOVERT during day-to-day medical practice in Center of air crew rehabilitation

Professional flight activity is always a subject of extreme conditions that often provide serious influence on pilot’s organism with many adverse factors. Significant temperature and atmospheric pressure drops, vibration, hypokinesia, forced body position in the process of flights, considerable flight overloads during maneuvers , crash landings and etc. Such level of functional stress assists to formation of psycho-emotional stresses, provides occurrence of fatigue and exhaustion and consequently can develop vertebrogenic and somatic diseases.

“AMSAT-KOVERT” is a diagnostic device that performs graphical prenosological niveau express-diagnostics of individual’s functional state of health. “AMSAT-KOVERT” can integrally and differentially provide qualitative and quantitative characteristics of processes taking place in individual’s organism, estimate the condition of organism as single biological system and realize system-organ analysis. The main principle of “AMSAT-KOVERT” operation is the following. Certain biologically active zones on individual’s skin carry information about condition of organs and tissue systems that are closely interrelated with those biologically active zones. A special physiological electrical “test-signal” is sent to those zones and corresponding “response” is registered. This “response” contains necessary electrical parameters that are analyzed and depends on functional condition of individual’s organism. “AMSAT-KOVERT” is used in the system of rehabilitation activities for flight personnel on the stage of diagnostic inspection for the purpose of functional condition estimation and rehabilitation methodology development.

Inspection of over 4000 individuals with vertebrogenic pathology allowed us to determine functional condition of spine, the level of functional blockades and the nature of derangements in spinal motor systems. The program allows to analyze the rates and degree of neurologic symptomatology regress, duration of treatment in hospital, possibility of treatment correction, forecast of illness development.

During our 20 years of experience we found out that condition dynamics (normal, physiological tension, functional/pre-pathological/pathological derangement), being expressed in graphics, contains nonspecific estimation of functional condition of organism and separate physiological systems and this fact allows correct rehabilitation selection. “AMSAT-KOVERT” provides information of topical nature, that is determines the “address” of information source, reflected on the surface of biologically active zone. During researches of neural and segmental sensitivity it became clear that he quantity of zones with functional tension is higher amongst individuals with spinal osteochondrosis then amongst healthy pilots.

Thereby, although “AMSAT-KOVERT” diagnostic system does not provide clear differentiation of zones with pathologies when examining spinal osteochondrosis with or without neurologic symptomatology, the system allows to clearly distinguish healthy pilots from pilots with spinal osteochondrosis based on the quantity of functional tension zones. Important advantage of “AMSAT-KOVERT” system is that it allows expert doctors to demonstrate tension zones in particular segments of spinal column, show their qualitative and quantitative regression dynamics during rehabilitation processes.

“AMSAT-KOVERT” satisfies all requirements for systems of express diagnostics designed for initial fast detection of individuals with changed functional condition. Indeed this is a subject of diagnostic stage of flight personnel medical rehabilitation. “AMSAT-KOVERT” is used on the basis of everyday practice in Center of rehabilitation of flight personnel as an additional objective method of rehabilitation necessity assessment and rehabilitation effectiveness estimation. Use of “AMSAT-KOVERT” on the stage of medical rehabilitation allows to distinguish pilots with decreased functional abilities of organism and spinal column and also to estimate the degree of derangements during spinal illnesses. Important advantages of the following method are quickness and informativity, which allows to estimate dynamics of morphological and functional spine parameters during reflexotherapic treatment and adjust it if needed.